Colorado Mountain Lion Hunting Outfitters

Colorado Mountain Lion Hunting Outfitters

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Mountain Lion Hunts in Colorado

Nothing stirs the mind of a big game hunter more than the Rocky Mountains, backcountry ghosts, and teeth/claws! The key to a great Mountain Lion Hunt is the quality of the dogs used in pursuing a Lion, and the houndsman who is the keeper of the hounds. The common perception of a Lion Hunt is a vision of a client shooting a Tom out of a tree, but there is so much more to the experience than just that. Hunting a Lion is more about the entire experience, finding the lion, tracking the lion, watching the dogs work,  learning from a houndsman with a ton of experience on not just the hunt, and the hounds, but the country itself! Those who have booked with us describe the experience as spiritual, it is a long way from just shooting a treed Tom, it is a memory you will earn, and a memory you will NEVER forget!

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The Guided Mountain Lion Hunt

Our Mountain Lion Hunts take place around the Front Range North and West of Denver Colorado, on thousands of acres of private land. We stage our clients in Northern Colorado around the towns of Loveland, Fort Collins, and Wellington.  We also run a couple hunts on our Elk Ranches near Walden Colorado, where we also stage these clients.

We book our Mountain Lion Hunts to be very flexible, we need fresh snow to find these elusive predators and fresh snow to track, so once a deposit is received, the client goes on the call list, once we get a fresh snow storm, we start calling the clients by order of date deposit received. The best months for our part of Colorado are January - March, with February/March being the best 2 months to hunt, however, and early snow storm can lead to an early hunt, so clients should be ready to travel starting early December. We enjoy an opportunity rate of 95% - 100%.

We look to harvest Tom’s in the 140 lb - 200 lb range, understanding that a 200 lb Tom is very rare, the average size Tom harvested is around 150 - 160 lbs.

Physically this is an extreme hunt, it's not for the faint of heart and clients must be in tip top shape to deal with the extreme country lions call home. It’s not just the terrain and the altitude that will affect the client, it's the constant adrenaline rush that takes over once a lion has been found the dogs released, then coming face to face with a lion 30 feet in a tree watching below, this is hunting big game at its most intense, not to mention, a lion could easily eat you!

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CO Lion Hunts

Hunting Methods

We recommend either a pistol, bow, or a light 30 caliber rifle for this hunt. Weight is a huge factor as moving quickly across broken rough terrain and sometimes deep snow will take all of your energy, carrying a heavy rifle with a large scope works against the client. Open sights are a must as most shots are in a tree with alot of limbs and thick branches, it is also important to practice as most people do not shoot open sights, only scopes and this takes a bit of practice to be proficient. If you choose a bow or pistol, practice shooting at ranges of 10- 30 yards.

Colorado Mountain Lion Season Dates

Rates & Season Dates

2019 Colorado Mountain Lion Season Dates

Cougar Rifle Hunting Season: November 18 - March 31

Over the Counter License (All clients must complete the Colorado Mountain Lion on-line course and pass the test with a score of 85% or better) 

All Big Game Units in Colorado have a Mountain Lion quota, once that quote is reached, that unit is closed to further cougar hunting until the next calendar year. 

To book your hunt, give Earl a call at 720-218-4677

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