Colorado Mule Deer Hunting Outfitters - Guided Hunts

Colorado Mule Deer Hunting Outfitters - Guided Hunts

Fair Chase Mule Deer Hunts Colorado

Mule Deer Hunts in Colorado

Mountain Hunts

Our mountain ranches are an incredible migratory destination for giant mountain mule deer. Most bucks live in the high country that surrounds our ranches and migrate down onto the lower sage flats to rut and winter every year. This is a wild, fair chase hunt and the bucks, which are extremely hard to hunt early in the year, become very hunt-able in mid to late November as they descend on the doe groups that live in the willow bottoms and timber fringes lining the valley floor close to the hunting ranch. We never know exactly what is going to show up, but we know that there will be some giants which makes the hunt incredibly exciting. Expectations for our late season hunts are bucks scoring north of 180″ with possibilities of 190-200+”. Huge mass, dark antlers, big square heads make these mountain mulies worthy of anyone willing to brave the snow and cold to put their tag on one of these majestic giants!

These hunts can be booked alone or in combination with one of our rifle elk hunts

We are hunting migrating bucks in the rut, so we never know what is going to show up, but if the snow and weather is right, be prepared to see mature bucks in the 180+ class. Our goal is to harvest mature bucks with a minimum score of 180 or minimum age of 6.5.

This is not a hunt where you will see a high number of deer, however, the bucks you will see will be mature and huge in both antlers and body. Although we cover a lot of ground on these hunts, we also use heated blinds in proven spots where you will be overlooking open sage and dark timber/aspen patches which the deer use for cover and feed during their migration to winter grounds. This hunt is very dependent upon cold and lots of snow in the high country which pushes mature bucks to their winter grounds.

Eastern Plains Hunts

We are hunting the Eastern Plains of Colorado for huge Mule Deer and Whitetail Deer. We target mature bucks scoring in the 190"+ with a real possibility at 200+" for Mule Deer, and 160+" for our Whitetail Deer Bucks. This hunt will find you spending alot of time in the truck looking for our targeted mule deer bucks, and using elevated Red Neck Box Blinds located between agricultural fields and bedding areas, along with spot and stalk in some of the most challenging Whitetail ground you will ever hunt.

We take a very limited number of clients on both our Mountain and Eastern Plains Hunts so the pressure is light, and genetics are incredible!

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Hunting Mule Deer Colorado

Mule Deer Hunting Location - Jackson County, CO - Units 6, 16, 17 & 171

Mountain Hunts - GMU's (Game Management Units) 6,16,17,171

Our Mule Deer Hunts are free range in the Mountains of Eastern Colorado. Mule Deer hunts take place on our private Ranches in Rand, CO. These hunts take place in Late September/Early October and November during the third and fourth rifle seasons.

Eastern Plains Hunts 

Our Plains Deer Hunts take place in Eastern Colorado, call us for details of exact location and GMU's.

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Colorado Mule Deer Hunting Video

Trophy Colorado Muley

2019 Colorado Mule Deer Season Dates


Mule Deer Archery

  • August 31 - September 29
  • Hunt Code: D-A-006-O1-A

Mule Deer Muzzleloader

  • September 14 - September 22
  • Hunt Code: D-M-006-O1-M

Mule Deer Preference Point Only

  • Hunt Code: D-P-999-99-P

Mule Deer - Early Rifle Season

  • September 24 - October 2
  • Hunt Code: D-M-017-E1-R

Mule Deer - 2nd Rifle Season

  • October 19 - November 27
  • Hunt Code: D-M-017-O2-R

Mule Deer - 3rd Rifle Season

  • November 2 - November 10
  • Hunt Code: D-M-017-O3-R

    Mule Deer - 4th Rifle Season

    • November 13 - November 17
    • Hunt Code: D-M-006-O4-R


    Early Rifle

    • October 26 - November 5

    Late Rifle

    • December 1 - December 14

    Mule Deer Packages

    Colorado Mule Deer Licenses & Rates

    Mule Deer Hunts


    • Type
    • Mountain - Early Rifle Season (Draw Only)
    • $5,500 (5 Day Hunt)

    • Mountain - Late Rifle Seasons (Draw Only)
    • $7,500 (5 Day Hunt)

    • Mountain - Late Rifle Season Elk Combo (Draw Only)
    • $10,500 (5 Day Hunt)
    • All of our hunts are 1 on 1 fully guided.

    • Plains - Early Rifle/Late Rifle (Draw Only)
    • $8,500 + $1,000 Harvest Fee - payable when a deer is harvested (6 Day Hunt)
    • All of our hunts are 1 on 1 fully guided



    • License/Permit
    • Habit Stamp (Required)
    • $10 (Resident)
    • $10 (Non-Resident)
    • Limited License (Deer)
    • $39.75 (Resident)
    • $396.75 (Non-Resident)
    • Qualifying License
    • All applicants, including youth, must purchase a qualifying hunting license to apply for the big game draw, this ONLY applies to anyone who applies for a limited license, this DOES NOT apply to Unlimited or Over The Counter Licenses.
    • Annual Small  Game
    • $29.75 (Resident)
    • $81.75 (Non-Resident)
    • Spring Turkey
    • $29.75 (Resident)
    • $151.75 (Non-Resident)
    • Small Game/Fishing Combo
    • $49.75 (Resident)
    • $81.75 (Non-Resident)
    • Draw Application Fees (Limited)
    • $7 (Resident)
    • $9 (Non-Resident)
    • Preference Point Fee
    • $30 (Resident)
    • $40 (Non-Resident)
    • Landowner Voucher
    • TBD
    • TBD
    • 2019 Big Game Limited Draw Application Deadline: April 2nd, all applications must be submitted by 8:00PM
    • Draw Results Posted on-line: June 3-June 7, all limited license must be paid for by June 21
    • Limited Licenses Mailed Starting: June 3
    • Left Over Limited Licenses Available: August 6
    • Over the Counter Licenses with CAPS available: August 8
    • Reissued Licenses available: August 13
    • You can purchase your Over the Counter License/habitat stamp (

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