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Cow Elk Hunt Colorado Private Land

August Cow Elk Hunts Colorado

Our Private Land Only (PLO) Rifle Cow Elk Hunts take place in Mid-Late August in North Central Colorado. PLO (Private Land Only) Cow Elk Hunts provide the opportunity to employ a variety of hunting methods ranging from spot and stalk, stalking on well used game trails, sitting over large willow choked river bottoms and vast fresh cut hay fields. This hunt requires the client to be in good overall physical condition as to be extremely mobile on foot, or patient as we sit and glass for the herds for morning and afternoon hunts. Group sizes range from 4 - 6 hunters, with a 2:1 or 3:1 client/guide ratio. We limit this hunt to 12 spots over a 3-week period. This is a 3-day hunt which includes meals and lodging.

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Guided Cow Elk Hunt Colorado

Private Land Cow Hunts

Mid-Late August RIFLE Cow Elk Hunts are available on our private ranches as part of a partnership with our landowners and Colorado Parks & Wildlife. These hunts are private land only, they are NOT available anywhere else in the state of Colorado; we have these hunts available in order to help manage the large herds of cow elk that live on our ranches in spring, summer, and fall, harvesting a target of 20 cows each year during this season helps keep these herds from overgrazing the high-country hay fields that make up a good portion of the lower elevations of our ranches. You will have the opportunity to hunt 55,000 acres of private land consisting of willow bottoms and hay fields along with sparse timer flats. These are 0-point draw tags that you can purchase as a leftover tag on most years, they are “Class B Tags”, so you can still purchase or draw your “Class A” Bull license and have twice the meat and twice the fun hunting!!! This hunt is fantastic for young and older hunters as well as both beginners and experienced hunters. August/September RIFLE Cow Elk Hunts are incredible, touting a 85% opportunity rate over the last 5 years, come hunt elk with your rifle while everyone else is just thinking about their fall elk hunt. The meat is delicious, come fill your freezer and save your bull tag for a nice set of trophy antlers, hunt with confidence focusing on antlers with the knowing that your freezer is already full of prime organic, non-GMO, late summer cow elk meat. This hunt is just as exciting as any Bull Elk hunt!

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