Colorado Shiras Moose Hunting Outfitters - Guided Hunts

Colorado Shiras Moose Hunting Outfitters - Guided Hunts

Shiraz Moose Hunts Colorada

Shiras Moose Hunts in Colorado

You will have the opportunity to hunt seven private ranches (55,000 acres), along with approximately one thousand acres of BLM land, and hundreds of thousands of acres of Routt National Forest which reaches up to an altitude of well over 10,000 feet.

Tags in Colorado are extremely difficult to draw and with the increase in Moose populations in this region, there are some giant bulls that inhabit the area. Moose live in all the areas in the North Park Region, so we will hunt them from the valley floor up to the tree line in the surrounding mountain ranges.

Its normal to see up to 15 different bulls per day during the rut, this is an absolutely incredible hunt if you can draw the tag. We target mature bulls that will score in the 140" - 180" range, with width measurements in the 40 - 50" category. Both of our units have a high moose population, there is NOWHERE else in Colorado, the lower 48, or the Western US where you will see the number and size of bulls as you will in our units!

In the 1970's the first breeding pair of Moose were transplanted from Utah to our Parkview Ranch, so this is where the extremely successful conversation program started!

We hosted the Colorado Governors Tag holder in 2017/2018, we harvested two mature bulls one with a bow and one with a rifle.

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Moose Hunting Location - Jackson County, CO - Units 17 & 171

GMU's (Game Management Units) 17/171

If you choose to book your Moose hunt with us, you will be hunting in units 17/171 located in historic Jackson County, CO. This region is comprised of over a million acres and is one of the best units in Colorado to harvest a giant bull.  Specifically, you will be hunting just  outside of the town of Rand, CO. Rand is located about 3 hours Northwest of Denver at the base of Parkview Mountain at the south end of the North Park Region of Colorado. The North Park Region is surrounded by mountain crests of the Park Range, Medicine Bow Range, and Never Summer Range. This area offers open sagebrush country, willow flat marshes surrounded by aspen, fir, and pine forests all reaching up to elevations beyond the tree line. With breath-taking views of Parkview Mountain to the south, the Never Summer Mountain Range and the Continental Divide to the southeast, and the rugged Buffalo Peaks to the west, you will truly find your place in the world!

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Colorado Moose Hunting Season

2019 Colorado Moose Hunting Season Dates

Archery Moose (Draw Only)

  • September 7 - September 29
  • Hunt Code:
    • Bull (Unit 17) M-M-017-O1-A
    • Bull (Unit 171) M-M-171-O1-A
    • Cow (Unit 17) M-F-017-O1-A
    • Cow (Unit 171) M-F-171-O1-A

    Muzzleloader Moose (Draw Only)

    • September 14 - September 22
    • Hunt Code:
      • Bull (Unit 17) M-M-017-O1-M
      • Bull (Unit 171) M-M-171-O1-M
      • Cow (Unit 17) M-F-017-O1-M
      • Cow (Unit 171) M-F-171-O1-M

      Rifle Moose (Draw Only)

      • October 1 - October 14
      • Hunt Code:
        • Bull (Unit 17) M-M-017-O1-R
        • Bull (Unit 171) M-M-171-O1-R
        • Cow (Unit 17) M-F-017-O1-R
        • Cow (Unit 171) M-F-171-O1-R

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