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Colorado Private Land Guided Elk Hunts

You will have the opportunity to hunt four private ranches (55,000 acres) along with approximately one thousand acres of BLM land which reaches up to an altitude of well over 10,000 feet. Our elk hunts are fair chase and the terrain and scenery are breathtaking. With only 36% of Jackson County being private property, pressured elk seek out the protection of private lands for safety, which is where the majority of our hunting takes place. Our ranches are on the fringes of the timber and offers significant agriculture opportunities making this prime free range elk habitat and very productive for our hunters. The elk herd stands at almost 20 bulls for 100 cow elk and the Colorado Department of Wildlife’s studies show this ratio is increasing, which means your opportunity for a bull is significantly higher than public lands throughout other parts of Colorado. In 2018, studies showed that the harvest success rate for all elk across the state was around 18%, in the last five years our success rate was far better than the state average.

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Colorado Private Land Elk Hunts

Elk Hunting Location

GMU's (Game Management Units) - 6/16/17/171

If you choose to use us as your Elk hunting outfitter, you will be hunting in Rifle units 16/17/171 (archery is a state wide over the counter tag, so no unit is assigned) located in historic Jackson County, CO. This region is comprised of over a million acres and holds one of the strongest elk migration routs in the state of Colorado. In fall and early winter the herd, which is estimated at over 10,000 strong, migrate down from the surrounding local mountain ranges and as far away as the Rocky Mountain National Park and move directly through our private hunting ranches towards The Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge located less than 10 miles to the north of our elk ranches where they will winter until spring.

Specifically, you will be hunting just outside of the towns of Rand and Coalmont, CO. Rand is located about 3 hours Northwest of Denver at the base of Parkview Mountain at the south end of the North Park Region of Colorado. Coalmont is located 25 miles to the west of Rand and sits at the Eastern end of the Rabbit Ears Pass.  The North Park Region is surrounded by mountain crests of the Park Range, Medicine Bow Range, and Never Summer Range. This area offers open sagebrush country, willow flat marshes surrounded by aspen, fir, and pine forests all reaching up to elevations beyond the tree line. With breath-taking views of Parkview Mountain to the south, the Never Summer Mountain Range and the Continental Divide to the southeast, and the rugged Buffalo Peaks to the west, you will truly find your place in the world!

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2019 Colorado Elk Season Dates

Archery Elk
August 31 - September 29
Hunt Code: Either Sex: OTC (Over the Counter) License

Muzzleloader Elk (Draw Only)
September 14 - September 22
Hunt Code: Either Sex E-E-006-O1-M

Early Rifle (Private Land Cow Only)
August 15 - September 30
Hunt Code: E-F-006-P5-R

Rifle Elk First Season (Draw Only)
October 12 - October 16
Hunt Code: Either Sex E-E-006-P1-R - Cow E-F-006-O1-R

Rifle Elk Second Season
October 19 - October 27
Hunt Code: Bull - OTC (Over the Counter) License - Cow E-F-006-O2-R

Rifle Elk Third Seasons
November 2 - November 10
Hunt Code: Bull - OTC (Over the Counter) License - Cow E-F-017-O3-R

Rifle Elk Fourth Season (Draw Only)
November 13 - November 17
Hunt Code: Either Sex E-E-017-O4-R - Cow E-F-017-O4-R

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